How to choose the best 3D mammogram in Hackettstown, NJ


The earlier stages of diagnosing any medical illness are entirely dependent on a range of state-of-the-art technologies, tests, check-ups, and examinations that provide data about the same. High-quality tests are necessary to generate accurate information about the patient so that the diagnosis will be credible enough to be analyzed. In the diagnostic stage of breast cancer, one examination that individuals would have to undergo is a 3D mammogram in Hackettstown, NJ. Since cancer is a life-threatening disease, it is essential that individuals avail of the services of the best mammogram so they can diagnose cancer in its early stages.

How to choose the best 3D mammogram

  • Up-to-date technology – Individuals who are considering multiple options for doing a mammogram should first book a consultation to gauge what kind of equipment is being used. They should ensure that they choose a service where the technology is up to date and has been maintained well to provide accurate results. New advanced technology also has a number of additional features that could improve the quality of the information.
  • Reports – Another essential factor to consider when choosing a mammogram service is the reports provided by the service company to be referred by doctors/specialists. The service company should provide organized reports that are easily readable by doctors and medical professionals. In addition to this, many have inbuilt a transferring system that allows them to transport the reports to the doctor directly without the patient’s involvement.
  • The professionalism of workers – if an individual is doing a mammogram for the first time, then it is essential that the helpers are professional and cooperative with the patient. Similarly, if the patient is stressed or experiencing pain, then a professional team would be better at ensuring a comfortable environment for the mammogram to be carried out.


Since conducting a 3D mammogram in Hackettstown, NJ can be daunting, it is important for an individual to make an informed decision on which service they want to avail of. They should depend on the above-mentioned factors as well as the testimonials of others before coming to a final decision.