Signs your carpet needs professional cleaning

All owners of a high-quality carpet attach great importance to a well-kept condition for the greatest possible value retention. Unfortunately, the need for professional commercial carpet cleaning services in Nashville is not always as obvious as it is with a large wine or soot stain. There are minor signs that you should take seriously in order to be careful with your carpet. We have put together seven of these signs for you to make your decision for professional cleaning easier.

  1. Pairs of shoes walk on your carpet every now and then

The soles of street shoes carry dirt, germs and bacteria into your home. While some dirt on your carpets is immediately visible, small particles and parasites make the dirt less noticeable. The result is damage to the pile, and depending on the bacteria and germs, there is even a threat to health.

Realistically estimate how often and how many people walk on your carpet. Especially in private corridors or entrance areas of companies, carpets are subject to constant exposure to street shoes and similar dirt. Visible or not, pollution is prevalent and should be cleaned up regularly.

  1. A closer look reveals changes in the pile

Large stains and marks on your carpet are immediately noticeable. In many cases, however, extensive pollution occurs gradually and over time is made up of dust and dirt. In order to recognize this early on and to protect the carpet from major damage, it is worth taking a closer look.

Examine the pile of your carpet from time to time at eye level. In this way you can recognize the finest changes in the pile faster or discover dirt that you would otherwise never have noticed. Good lighting and a magnifying glass are useful tools for your own close-up analysis.

  1. There is an unpleasant smell in the affected room

Soiling of your carpet does not always have to be a visual irritation. In particular, when there is rotting and the unnoticed formation of bacteria, odors arise that creep through the entire room. Many homeowners notice these odors but do not associate them with soiling on the carpet.