Making A Homemade Bong: A Guide

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A classical glass bong is one of the most enjoyable ways to smoke marijuana, perhaps only rivaled by the iconic joint. Bongs are now made from several materials, forms, and sizes, and their designs range from purely physical to artistic, smokeable carvings. There are numerous reasons bong is so famous in cannabis culture and many people prefer to buildĀ a homemade bong.

If cannabis enthusiasts are known for anything, they can find clever and imaginative ways to start smoking out of practically anything. Homemade bongs promote ingenuity and provide a fun dilemma and expertise that enables you to be inventive while also making something functioning that won’t break the bank.

The water bottle bong

The bottle bong is the first and most well-known instance of a homemade bong. These are simple to create and are what they look like: a water bottle bong.

It shares the same basic design as a usual bong and works just as well. Any plastic container can be converted into a pipe, but the classical 17-ounce size performs better. While comfortable, it’s best to discard it after a few uses and reuse the appropriate components because water bottle bongs have a brief life and need to be more durable or suggested for daily use.

Waterfall/gravity bong

Like its friend, the waterfall bong, a gravity bong, is made of similar materials but has a slightly different design.

While both are bottles, the gravity pipe lacks a downstream and needs slightly fewer moving parts to build a functional piece. In reality, the size of the cavity at the bottom of a flask distinguishes the gravity bong from the waterfall bong.

When it comes to deciding which device is best for your situation, it all boils down to personal preference. As with any bong, potency and strain selection are critical, as gravity bongs have instant and intense effects, and you might want to avoid getting too high too rapidly.

Make a Bong

Produce bong

Numerous organic, wholesome, and enjoyable items can be converted into a piece of plastic bottles and aluminum foil.

Apple bongsĀ are unquestionably the most popular produce bong; they’re inexpensive, simple to make, and have a pleasant apple flavor that comes with each hit.

A melon pipe is a refreshing inclusion to any backyard Barbecue or summer hangout for massive hits and a tad more novelty. Likewise, a pumpkin bong might impress guests at a Celebration.

Everyone has been there: you would like to smoke marijuana but don’t have any papers, a pipe, or a bong. All this is to say that there are numerous options for making a homemade pipe, so the options are only restricted by your originality or by what you have lying around the house.